Little Kids

For many years, my previous job was to shape the minds of children. But here in Little Kids, I get the privilege of preparing their hearts to know the incredible depths of the love of their Savior.

Mosaic Little Kids

3 Months - Pre-Kindergarten

Our Mosaic Little Kids spaces serve kids in engaging environments full of colors, textures, and activities that encourage exploration and development.

Our littles are at the beginning of their story. We want them to know who the author of that story is and how He has made them infinitely valuable. Every week, we explore the stories of the Bible, stringing together the biggest narrative of all: God’s Big Story. Through interactive teaching and age-specific crafts and games that combine child development and theology principles, we introduce our littles to these magnificent truths: God made them, He loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Littles & Small Groups

We consider all of our Little Kids rooms as small groups. Now, we realize that it might sound a little strange to think of your one-year-old as a part of a small group. This ideology, though, does something powerful for our staff and volunteers. It reminds us that, whether they know and can verbalize it or not, your kids are a beloved and irreplaceable part of our biblical community. This means that at three months, two years, and four-years-old, they have a group of people who know them (and all their quirks), champion them, and are there to disciple them alongside you.

Love each other as I have loved you.

Fly a Kite

April Curriculum

A Note to Parents

This month, we are going to be talking about something that is high and wide and deep. Do you know what it is? Yes, it’s the love of Jesus. Jesus’ love for each of us is so wide and long and high and deep that we can’t even measure it! And, we are going to have so much fun introducing this truth to our preschoolers this month!

We start the month with the best Sunday of the year—Easter! How exciting that we get to share the story of Easter with our youngest friends this month. Some of them will be hearing for the very first time that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Yes! Jesus is alive, and He wants to be our friend forever!

We want to share the good news that Jesus is alive with our preschoolers all month long. We want them to hear over and over again that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. We want this foundational truth of Jesus’ great love for them to live in each preschooler’s heart.

This Month’s Lessons


Story Focus: Jesus is alive! We kick everything off by sharing the amazing true story about why we celebrate Easter. We will teach our preschoolers that Jesus is special because Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus did amazing things and showed us how to love one another. Then, angry people hurt Jesus so bad that He died. But, Jesus came back—just like He said He would! Yes! Jesus is alive, and He wants to be our friend forever! For some children, this will be the first time they hear this incredible story.


Story Focus: Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Week two is one we tell as a continuation of the Easter story. Can you imagine what the disciples felt when they saw Jesus standing on the shore after they thought He was gone? Before they knew it, they were sitting around a fire eating the breakfast Jesus had cooked for them. Jesus is really alive, and He wanted to make sure His friends knew He is alive and that He is going to be their friend forever. That’s what we want preschoolers to know—Jesus is alive and He wants to be their friend forever too!


Story Focus: Jesus taught us how to love one another. Week three is all about what Jesus wants us to do now that He has gone to get Heaven ready for us. Jesus wants us to love one another. Loving one another looks like helping one another, sharing with one another, and being kind to one another. When we love like Jesus, people will believe us when we tell them that Jesus is alive and He wants to be their friend forever.


Story Focus: I can tell others about Jesus. We finish up the month with the great commission. Yes, Jesus wants to be my friend forever, but the awesomeness doesn’t stop there! Jesus wants to be everyone’s friend forever, and He told us to make sure everyone knows it. Young and old, we can all tell others about Jesus, and He will always be with us to help us.

Growing Our Story

In Every Moment By, Through, & For Jesus

Phase Two for Mosaic Little Kids

In 2018 we entered a new chapter at Mosaic with the Every Moment initiative. A key part of this next step in our story includes a buildout of our Winter Garden Campus, utilizing the building’s unused expansion space in a plan we call Phase Two.

What does this mean specifically for our families with kids 3 months – PreK? It means more room! The addition of four new classrooms gives us the freedom to keep our Little Kids environments small and specifically designed for their unique developmental stages. We’re also looking forward to the addition of an indoor playground (see concept art below) that will be visible from the Kids Check-In area, adding to our kids’ bubbling excitement as they enter Mosaic Kids every week to experience the gospel.