Oct 03 2021

God Answers Hannah’s Prayer

Foudnational Truth
God Wants To Talk With Us
1 Samuel 1:1 -2:11

This week we are learning about a woman named Hannah. Hannah was a married woman who didn’t have children but wanted children. Every year, Hannah would go to the temple and pray that God would give her a child. God did hear Hannah’s prayers, and one year He said “Yes!” God gave Hannah the child she prayed for. We can talk to God through prayer, and God talks to us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Parent Guide

Parents, use these questions to engage your kids in gospel-oriented conversations throughout the week that explore what they're learning in Mosaic Kids this month.

Little Kids
  1. Why was Hannah sad?
  2. What was Hannah asking God to do?
  3. Did God answer Hannah’s prayer?
The City
  1. Think about a time when you asked for something but didn’t get it. How did you feel?
  2. Why was Hannah praying in the temple?
  3. Did God respond to Hannah’s prayer?
Mix 56
  1. God always hears us when we pray. How do you feel knowing that whenever you talk to God He hears you?
  2. How did God respond to Hannah’s prayer?
  3. Is there anything you would like to talk to God about? Take some time and talk with Him.