Sep 05 2021

God Provides Manna

Foudnational Truth
God Is Good
Exodus 16

This week we are continuing with our walk with the Israelites and will learn about how God took care of them as they walked to the promised land. The Promised Land was a beautiful place and God told them that this would be full of good things. It was going to take a long time to get there so the Israelites started complaining. They were tired and had to walk through a hot desert that had almost no food or water. God heard them and wanted them to know that God is Good, so he sent down bread from heaven and they could collect enough food for their families. God made sure the Israelites had the perfect amount of food so no one would be hungry.

Parent Guide

Parents, use these questions to engage your kids in gospel-oriented conversations throughout the week that explore what they're learning in Mosaic Kids this month.

Monthly Memory Verse Songs

Little Kids
  1. What did the Israelites walk through on their way to the Promised Land? What do you think that felt like?
  2. How were the Israelites behaving?
  3. Did God provide for the Israelites? What was it?
The City
  1. How did the Israelites feel walking through the desert?
  2. What did God provide for them?
  3. What has God provided for you?
Mix 56
  1. What would you do if you had to walk through the desert for a long time?
  2. What were the Israelites complaining about?
  3. What do you complain about? How do you think God feels when we complain?