Oct 17 2021

God Uses David

Foudnational Truth
God Is In Charge of Everything
1 Samuel 17

Last week, we learned about how God told Samuel that David was going to be the king. David would be the king of Israel but he wasn’t the king yet. David was still a young boy when the Israelites were fighting with a big, strong enemy, the Philistines. The Philistines had a great warrior on their side, and his name was Goliath. The Israelites were very scared. They needed someone to fight for them. God would use David. David was not afraid to fight Goliath because he knew that God is in charge of everything.

Parent Guide

Parents, use these questions to engage your kids in gospel-oriented conversations throughout the week that explore what they're learning in Mosaic Kids this month.

Little Kids
  1. Was David a grownup or a young boy when he fought Goliath?
  2. Why were the Israelites so afraid of Goliath?
  3. Who did David say would help him win the fight?
The City
  1. Why wasn’t David with his brothers at war?
  2. What did David use to fight Goliath?
  3. Was David afraid to fight Goliath? Explain your answer.
Mix 56
  1. Who did David say would help him defeat Goliath?
  2. Who used David to save the Israelites?
  3. Have you ever felt like you are too young to be used by God? Why did you feel this way?