About Mosaic Kids

We don't believe we're helping children grow in order to be the church someday. We believe they are the church today.

And so, we realize it’s vital that we make access to the gospel, the wonder of Christ, and biblical community a reality for our kids in every possible way with every opportunity.

Our Vision

We take investing in the emerging generation very seriously and understand that the years of zero to eighteen are profoundly formative and fleeting.

It’s in these years, during the beginning of someone’s story, that the opportunity to speak into their life is undeniably unique. And we don’t want to waste a moment of it. We see the same Holy Spirit working in our adults also powerfully working in our kids. In our children’s ministry, we partner in this work by crafting Sunday mornings to share God’s story in a compelling, real, and clear way.

Ultimately, we want every kid who walks through our doors to know they are seen, known, and loved. We want them to experience the gospel in a biblical community through Sunday gatherings, teaching, worship, and small groups. Most of all, we want them to know from the beginning that God and His church believe in them to have a Kingdom impact.

Sundays with Kids


We have two ways to check your kids into Mosaic Kids: Check-in at Mosaic or Check-in on the go with KidCheck:

Check-In At Mosaic

Stop at the Mosaic Kids Check-in area (located right next to the sanctuary doors) before the gathering to check-in your kids with one of our volunteers. They will guide you and your child to their gathering space and answer any questions you might have. Check-in opens twenty minutes before each gathering.

Check-In On The Go

You can check your kids in on the go with the KidCheck app. Here’s how it works:


Start check-in wherever it is convenient: from home, the car, the parking lot, etc.

When you arrive, complete your check-in and print labels with a single tap.

Little Kids

3 Months – Pre-Kindergarten

Our Little Kids environments serve kids from three months through Pre-K in a fun, safe, and visually engaging environment. We utilize age-appropriate crafts and Bible stories to begin sharing the grand narrative of the Bible. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.

The Garden


The Garden is a place where all of our Kindergarteners gather together for high-energy games, worship, and storytelling! We create an environment that allows our kids to hear God’s word in our large group space and dive deeper into God’s word through small groups, crafts, and activities. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.

The City

1st – 4th Grade

Sunday gatherings in The City look a lot like our adult gathering in the sanctuary, centering around worship and teaching with the addition of small groups. This is a high-energy environment that we hope is the most fun, relevant, and unforgettable time of our kids’ week. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.


Special Needs Inclusion

We are committed to making Mosaic Kids a space that serves every child. Our goal is to meet kids’ needs, whether they come from a typical family, have medical challenges or learning differences, are newly adopted, or are currently in foster care. If your child needs extra assistance to be comfortable in a children’s ministry environment, we can offer them a Sidekick. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.

Kids Curriculum

The Five Foundational Truths

Our hope is for all of our kids to enter high school knowing the overall narrative of the Bible and the following five foundational truths: God made everything, God is in charge of everything, God is good, Jesus came to save sinners, and God wants to talk to us. Every week, we explore scripture and see how it reveals one of these truths.

Our Volunteers

Cross-Generational Discipleship

Because we want to encourage a culture of cross-generational discipleship, students and young adults lead in Mosaic Kids alongside parents—and even grandparents. These volunteers attend training throughout the year and participate in a pre-gathering meeting on Sundays when they serve. During this time, they explore that day’s teaching in-depth and may even play one of the games planned for that day. Ultimately, we want our volunteers to feel inspired and equipped to share biblical truth and build genuine relationships with the kids they serve. 

Child Dedication

A Commitment to Your Child’s Story

Child dedication is a beautiful part of community life at Mosaic. In it, we recognize that God is the author and keeper of our children’s lives, and we, as His church, get to participate in that story. We host child dedications as a special event a few times throughout the year. To reserve your spot in the next upcoming one, look for it in the Mosaic calendar.