Global Mission

Making Redemption Known Globally

37 Global Partners

  1. Evangelism & Discipleship

    A & M

    North Africa

    A & M (names withheld for their protection) work in North Africa. They have a passion for sharing the good news and making disciples among the Muslim world. They are working to start a business…

  2. Evangelism & Discipleship

    Andrea Pontier

    South Sudan

    Andrea serves among the Lopit people of South Sudan, focusing on sharing Christ with, discipling and mobilizing South Sudanese believers for ministry locally and cross-culturally.

  3. Evangelism & Discipleship

    B & R

    North Africa

    B & R (names withheld for their protection) are working in North Africa. They have a passion for discipleship and the Muslim world. During their time in North Africa, they’ve started a private international school…

  4. Evangelism & Discipleship

    Hannah & Caleb Pineda

    Kandern, Germany

    Hannah and Caleb Pineda serve as Pastoral Assistants at Black Forest Christian Fellowship, an international church located in Kandern, Germany. BFCF is home to many missionary families, expats (from all over the world), and 120+…

  5. Evangelism & Discipleship

    J & T

    Southeast Asia

    J & T (names withheld for their protection) are serving in Southeast Asia. Their vision is to participate in movements of disciples making disciples and churches that plant churches by bringing the good news of…

  6. Evangelism & Discipleship

    Gil & Michika Cauthorn

    Osaka, Japan

    Gil and Michika are serving in Osaka, Japan with Mustard Seed Church where Michika is the children's ministry director. They are passionate about sharing the gospel, seeing new disciples made in Osaka, and planting new…

  7. Evangelism & Discipleship

    Kyle & Claudia Zimmerman

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    The Zimmermans are serving in La Misión Church, a multi-site church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The vision of La Mision is to seek the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of the city through the gospel…