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34 Global Partners

  1. Adoption & Foster Care


    Guatemala & Ethiopia

    Love Made Visible is working to see the orphans of today become the leaders of tomorrow and communities around the world transformed. Love Made Visible is working to better the lives of vulnerable children in…

  2. Adoption & Foster Care

    Children’s HopeChest

    Shone Gerbe, Ethiopia

    Children’s HopeChest works to empower orphaned and impoverished children and their communities through relationships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability. Shone Gerbe CarePoint is located in the southern region of Ethiopia, approximately 175 miles from…

  3. Adoption & Foster Care

    Selamta Family Project

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Selamta’s Forever Family Program stands in the gap for children who need to know the love of a family today. They unite 8-10 children with a Selamta-trained mother in their own home, integrated into their…

  4. Adoption & Foster Care

    Alberto & Sophia Reyes

    Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

    Sophia works with Legacy of Hope Foundation in Honduras as the director of the crisis care center where she serves vulnerable children. Her husband Alberto teaches at a bilingual school while also helping the ministry.…

  5. Adoption & Foster Care

    Prince of Peace

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    For over 30 years Prince of Peace has been a safe Christ-centered home for abused, abandoned, and neglected girls in Guatemala. They strive to give each girl spiritual guidance, educational opportunities, and the opportunity for…

  6. Adoption & Foster Care

    Operation Rescue

    Adwa, Ethiopia

    Operation Rescue works in Ethiopia, Brazil, and India for the well-being and development of orphaned and poor children. Their vision is to see vulnerable children cared for and empowered through a community-based and holistic approach.…

  7. Adoption & Foster Care

    Legacy of Hope Foundation

    Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

    Legacy of Hope is dedicated to providing care to abandoned and vulnerable children in Honduras through foster and crisis care, and family preservation, while equipping their community through training. Their purpose is to help children…

  8. Adoption & Foster Care

    Funda Niños

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Fundaniños is a nondenominational, Christian-based Foundation, operating as a children's home. Their vision and goal is to raise up children who are happy and independent Christ-followers. They are caring for around 60 boys and girls,…

  9. Adoption & Foster Care

    Cada Niño

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Working with Cada Niño, Timothy and Sharie Martiny serve vulnerable children in their community providing spiritual formation, educational reinforcement and family strengthening programs.