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Mosaic Mission


Global Impact Teams are a tangible expression of our commitment to supporting our Global Partners around the world. Each team is centered around one team leader and, ideally, is made up of 4 or more individuals who provide on-going care and advocacy. They serve as a primary link between their Partner and Mosaic as a whole.

Our Vision


Many of our Global Partners ive in challenging environments. Some even serve in “closed” countries that are politically hostile to the spread of the gospel. And most serve in cross-cultural contexts. Our Global Partners may struggle with cultural adjustments, language barriers, or raising children far from extended family. Most significantly, all serve on the front lines of spiritual warfare.

For their emotional and spiritual health, they need the assurance that they aren’t alone, that others in the body of Christ love them and are committed to their welfare and the success of their work. They need empathetic listeners— compassionate, caring friends who are not in a supervisory role. As a part of a Global Impact Team, you can consistently provide this kind of spiritual and emotional care. You can also help identify specific needs of your Partner, meeting them with your team collectively, or organizing others in our church to help meet them.


Global Impact Teams champion their Partner and advocate in our community for ongoing participation in their ministry, letting everyone know how they can pray for and support them. Through these efforts, you can help our church enjoy an ongoing sense of connection to our Partners all over the world—ultimately, providing an organic, relational illustration of the global Church.

How They Work

We want to keep the structure of our Global Impact Teams simple. The foundation of each is the team leader. He or she is the one who has the main connection with the Global Partner and leads the team in all aspects. The team leader either already knows the Global Partner or commits to building a relationship, and the rest of the team is built under the leadership of this committed person.

Each team looks different. Some will have a leader with six to eight additional team members, while others will have a leader with just one or two additional team members. Some will be a new creation, while others may be an existing community of friends. All of these types of teams can serve as great care networks.

Depending on the team members’ season of life, at some point, people may need to step out of their role on a Global Impact Team. That’s ok. We just ask that team leaders commit to their Partner long-term (at least two years) and be willing to replace themselves in this role if needed.

Get Started

If you’re interested in leading or joining a Global Impact Team, let us know! We would love to connect you with an existing team or help you coordinate the creation of a new one.