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God is at work in our world, and He has invited us to participate with Him in bringing light, life, and freedom to all people.

This is a holistic, gospel-centered mission that addresses physical and spiritual needs. And we strategically engage in it through two types of partnerships.

Justice & Mercy

All of our Justice & Mercy Partnerships focus on one or more of the following areas. These efforts work in tandem as they treat symptoms of injustice that feed off one another.

Poverty Alleviation

If you think of systems of injustice as a river, poverty can be found upstream. It produces a long list of obstacles that leave generations to face the consequences of being under-resourced, under-educated, and unstable.

We address this issue at both the local and global levels by partnering with shelters, organizations, and community centers. These groups provide meals, job fairs, work mentorship programs, and other community services. Most of all, though, they engage people in relationships so that no one feels like they have to move forward alone.

Adoption & Foster Care

The world is neck-deep in a global orphan crisis. Millions of children currently live without both parents, and a similar number of families are just one crisis away from finding themselves split. As a church body, we feel a sense of urgency to care for vulnerable children and families.

We do this in our own community through our Mosaic Adoption and Foster Care team (MAFC). Every day they work to create and resource Care Communities that support Vulnerable, Foster and Adoptive Families in their journey.

We also have local and global partners that care and advocate for children and families around the world. We partner with them by sending small teams to resource and relieve their staff, providing financial support, sharing educational resources focused on trauma-informed care, etc.

Ending Human Trafficking

Millions of men, women, and children are trafficked and forced into difficult circumstances throughout the world every day—including in our own city. Understanding that there’s a long road ahead, we are committed to deepening our knowledge and sharpening our tactics to become people who in every way live in a manner that values and sustains others’ freedom.

Our local and global partners currently address this in two major ways: first, by raising awareness (particularly in the tourism and hospitality industry) and second, by focusing on the rescue and rehabilitation of survivors of trafficking.

Church Planting

There are many ways we can impact our world, helping communities flourish.

But at the end of the day, the living organism of the Church is what Jesus said was going to charge into the world’s darkest spaces and redeem them by the power of His Spirit. This is why we invest in Church Planting and Evangelism & Discipleship Partnerships.

Church Planters

We support a growing number of local and global church planters who have been called to start new works of ministry. Investing ten percent of our annual budget in church planting, we partner with these plants in cultivating thriving cultures of discipleship, leadership, and mission.

While we have strategically focused most of our efforts on Latin America and the Northeastern United States through networks like Acts29, we have a long and growing list of plants we look forward to partnering with.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Alongside partnering with newly planted churches, we invest in persons and families who have been called to specific ministries and communities around the world. These local and global partners each have a unique impact on the populations they serve, and we are dedicated to journeying beside them in their work.

How to Get Involved

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    Choose a local or global partner to support in prayer, caring for their specific prayer requests.

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    Volunteer regularly with one of our local partners or join a Global Impact Team.

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    Choose a local or global partner to support financially on a regular basis or with a gift.

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    Serve on a short-term mission trip, explore going long-term, or join a church plant.


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