For Those Who Call Mosaic Home

Participate in the Mission

Everything we have belongs to God, and He provides according to His will. We joyfully participate in the mission of God by giving generously, responding to God’s generosity toward us in Christ. Through giving regularly and joyfully, we remind ourselves of the gospel and demonstrate its heart to others.

How to Give

Option 1: Online Giving

We use a convenient platform, ACH, which allows you to give one-time or recurring gifts. This is our preferred method as it reduces credit/debit card processing fees and allows your gift to make a greater impact.

Option 2: Worship Gatherings

Giving boxes are available at both of our campuses. You can utilize these as a direct way to give in person by cash or check while at the building on a Sunday or throughout the week.

Winter Garden 

Look for the boxes that have “Every Moment” printed across them and are secured to the wall. You can find them by the front desk, outside the sanctuary doors, inside the sanctuary, and even one inside The City (where our kids can engage in generosity as well). Feel free to ask a Blue Shirt to direct you to one.


Look for the box in the back of the sanctuary near the greenery wall. Feel free to ask a Blue Shirt to direct you to it.

Option 3: Give by Mail

You can also give by mail with cash or a check. If mailing a check, please write it out to Mosaic Church and address it to our Winter Garden Campus.

Option 4: Give Stocks, Bonds, & Other Assets

If you are interested in giving stocks, bonds, or other assets as a gift, please contact our Finance Team.

Track My Giving

Keeping up With Your Giving

You can log in to your giving account through the “Give To” buttons at the top of this page. Here you can view all of your online gifts to Mosaic and manage future giving.

Annual Statements

You can access your annual giving statement for tax purposes by logging into your MCB account. If you don’t have a login, please request one here. Your giving statements are accessible in your account under the “Giving” tab.

If you have any trouble or questions, please reach out to us at

Why Give

Renaut van der Riet

We want our giving to be an intentional act of worship, rather than a random act of obligation.

Everything we see and have is owned by God, and He provides according to His will. And so, as followers of Jesus and good stewards, we want to give generously out of what God has given us.  1 Chronicles 29:10-19Psalm 24:1-2Psalm 50:10-11 We believe this should be an active and intentional piece of our regular worship of our King. Our aim is to be Christlike in our generosity who “though he was rich, yet for [our] sake he became poor, so that [we] by his poverty might become rich” (2 Corinthians 8:9-10).

In other words, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most wondrous gift ever given. When this good news—or gospel—takes root in our lives, we gladly become poor, giving sacrificially of our lives to enrich the lives of others. In so doing, we remind ourselves and demonstrate to others the great kindness of our abundantly good God. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Scripture Calls Us to Give

Additionally, we see in God’s Word numerous teachings for us as believers in regards to money. Scripture provides encouragement to:

Along with encouraging us, scripture also warns of the pitfalls of money and how our relationship with it exposes our hearts:

  • Money, or riches, can easily become an idol. We are quick to rely on what we have to provide us with a sense of security and identity. The lure of money attracts us in a variety of ways, whether by the promise of security, power, or the false freedom of not needing self-control. Matthew 6:19-24, Luke 16:10-131 Timothy 6:10Ecclesiastes 5:10-12
  • How we practically manage, spend, give, or save our money can potentially expose these idols and help break their hold over us. Luke 16:10-13

Participating in God’s Work

In scripture, we see that we are all called to support our local church and elders financially. In addition, God calls us to demonstrate justice and mercy through generosity focused towards widows and orphans, those who are poor and needy, and foreigners in our community. 2 Chronicles 31:4Deuteronomy 26:121 Corinthians 9:8-141 Timothy 5:17-18Luke 8:1-3Isaiah 58:6-12, Deuteronomy 26:122 Corinthians 8-9