Equipping Men & Women

at Mosaic Church

Pastors & Staff

Photo of Rick Bohner
Rick Bohner
Discipleship Pastor
Photo of Jimmy Hoang
Jimmy Hoang
Discipleship & Internship Coordinator
Photo of Deb Moline
Deb Moline
Counseling, Recovery, Support, & Events

In addition to Missional Communities . . .

Classes for Men & Women

We believe that the gospel should inform our relationships, resources, and circumstances and that each one is given to us as an opportunity to display the good news about Jesus. But often we are not sure how the gospel applies in our every day life. In addition to Missional Communities, Mosaic offers a variety of classes each semester. These classes are intended to equip you to discover the Gospel and to learn how to apply the gospel to the stuff of everyday life - your relationships, resources, and circumstances. Some equipping classes are just for women or just for men, while others are for both men and women.

Events for Men & Women

In addition to classes, we also offer various events throughout the year that are also intended to help connect you into community, equip you to discover the Gospel, and to help you learn how to apply the gospel to the stuff of everyday life.