Copywriter - Mosaic Church


Communications, Creative / Winter Garden, FL / Part Time

The Copywriter works directly with the Creative team to ensure that the voice of the church remains unified in its messaging and tone on all internal and external platforms.

This job consists of weekly, monthly and ongoing initiatives, which all require good knowledge of the life and happenings at Mosaic. While a general voice/brand has been developed, it will be the Copywriters job to iterate and expand upon this brand while also maintaining it with day-to-day communications. 

Ministry Description:

The Creative and Communications team supports every ministry within Mosaic Church. We function as a proactive, internal agency by coming alongside and supporting each ministry by providing innovative, creative and effective solutions that help propel them forward with their mission.

Scope of Work

  • Write copy for weekly social media posts.
  • Monthly and seasonal newsletter content development for Mosaic Church, Mosaic Kids
    and Mosaic Students.
  • Calendar submission curation (editing, oftentimes re-writing and publishing).
  • Assistance with promotional copy for weekly stage and calendar graphics (specifically announcements).
  • Write weekly gathering descriptions (used for website and social media).
  • Full website copy maintenance.
  • Editing or writing of any project requested of the Creative & Communications team that requires copywriting (scriptwriting for films or live performances, print publication and digital event promotion.

Required Skills & Competencies

  • Ability to work within the process employed by the Creative & Communications team.
  • Contain the ability to operate the technology utilized by the Creative & Communication team. This mainly includes WordPress, Hootsuite, and Trello.
  • Proper understanding of grammar as well as strong proofreading skills.
  • Ability to write copy that is specific to the medium in which it is being published.
  • Desire to jump in and serve where needed.
  • Represent Christ and His church with every encounter.

Preferred Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, English or Journalism.
  • 2 – 5 years of creative agency or freelance experience.


  • Part-time salaried, 29 hours
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Paid vacation plus national holidays off
  • Staff Care and Development
  • Annual Staff Retreat