Employment - Mosaic Church

It is a privilege to serve the church through vocational ministry. If you are interested in using your God-given skills and talents to serve the church, apply for an open position below.

Staff Values

We unite at the feet of Jesus.

We acknowledge our need for the gospel and are committed to abiding with Jesus, as individual followers, as a church staff, and as a local congregation. We engage in the life of this church together; participating in worship, prayer, communion, confession, repentance, discipleship, spiritual formation, community and mission. We don’t just do church for others, we stand shoulder to shoulder as a part of the body of Christ.

We give honor & live humbly.

We outdo one another in showing honor. We do this publicly with words and actions of affirmation and celebration, and privately by holding each other in high esteem. We don’t gossip or slander. We walk in humility, considering others more important than ourselves, and are eager to serve. We respect and value each other, acknowledging and appreciating the gifts and contributions of every co-laborer.

We don’t have to, we get to.

We joyfully join God in His invitation to participate in His story. This is joyful servanthood as we steward the gifts God has given us for the sake of the gospel. Our work is not a burden we wish to offload, but is an outflow of our passion, executed with a positive attitude and grateful heart for the opportunity to do this work at this place with these people.

We surprise & delight.

We surprise and delight because the gospel is surprising and delighting. We put people first always. We are generous, we show hospitality, we demonstrate care, and we have fun. We put intentional effort toward this endeavor for the sake of loving people well.

We are kind in all circumstances.

When we disagree, when we’re offended, when it’s inconvenient, when it costs us, when having hard conversations, when treated poorly, when we’re right and they’re wrong, when we’re overextended, when tensions are high, when we have every excuse not to be kind – we’re kind.

We choose to trust.

Trust is earned, but we choose to trust even before it’s earned because we ultimately trust Jesus to hold all things together despite how we may fail each other. When trust is broken, we forgive and do the hard work to restore trust. We give the benefit of the doubt and seek to understand rather than make assumptions. We believe in each other and our ability to perform the role we’ve been entrusted with.

We aspire to excellence.

We aspire to excellence because our God is worthy and because excellent effort demonstrates His extravagant care for people. We plan and prepare intentionally, and we are eager to receive feedback and to contribute toward improvement. We work with clarity of our mission to measure our efforts and are candid in our evaluations. Though we are committed to caring through excellence, our identity is not found in what we produce, but rather in the God we serve.

We work hard, play hard & rest well.

We want to make the most of the time we have, recognizing that our work is to honor God as an act of worship. When we work, we work hard. We are also intentional to plan for times to play where we can enjoy one another and celebrate wins. We prioritize rest, taking sabbath and vacations seriously, recognizing God’s authority and our limitations. We work hard to help share the load when it’s time for others to rest.

We embrace second decisions.

We embrace and even celebrate second decisions, recognizing that we’ll learn from our mistakes and discover better ideas through failure. We take risks, we aren’t afraid to try and we aren’t afraid of feedback. We are eager to learn, seeking out development opportunities both personally and professionally.

We before me.

We do this together. We operate in community and collaborate because we need each other. We unite together in Christ under the vision and mission of this local church. We contribute to the big picture as individuals and teams, working together to display the beauty of the gospel. We align with one another under these shared values working toward shared goals.