This is Mosaic Discipleship

A Lifelong Journey of Abiding in

The Way, Truth, & Life of Jesus

John 15:1-2 likens God to a gardener, Christ to a vine, and us to its branches. We truly live and grow into who God created us to be when rooted in Christ. And because we are uniquely designed for relationship, our growth flourishes in the dynamic of a community.

Our Vision

To Follow in the Way of Jesus

Jesus knew how to live freely amidst the brokenness of the human condition and our world’s chaos. When we follow his rhythms of life, we walk in steadfast footprints: seeking intimacy with God, enjoying biblical community, and living with purpose as we share the gospel and how to abide in him with others.

To Believe the Truth of Jesus

The reality of God’s Kingdom, found in the words of his Son, gives us a foundation on which to hope and live—even when everything around us seems upside down. This truth is powerful, shedding light on all things cast in shadow, bringing life out of ruins.

As we fill our eyes, minds, and hearts with it, we start to see the world through God’s eyes, inspiring us to respond to others and our daily circumstances the way He would: in truth and love.

To Share in the Life of Jesus

His life is his character, overflowing with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. As we lean into Jesus’ way and truth, his very personhood takes hold in the core of who we are and flows out, affecting the world around us.

Weekly Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us not to neglect to gather together but to do so regularly to “stir up one another to love and good works.” In our gathering, we worship with songs that declare God as our King, reminding us Whose we are. We study Scripture, exploring its context and connections, inviting it to mold our outlook to reflect Christ’s. We practice spiritual disciplines like prayer and communion that nourish our souls. And we catch a glimpse of the hope and love of God’s diverse Kingdom as we enjoy one another in ordinary moments of conversation and coffee.

Mosaic Kids

We believe that spiritual formation starts from the very beginning, and so we know it’s just as crucial for our kids to experience the power of gathering together weekly as it is for us. 3 months through 6th-grade offered at our Winter Garden Campus. 3 months through Pre-kindergarten offered at our WDW Campus.

Mosaic Students

Our Wednesday night gatherings are our main space for student discipleship. Here, students are challenged to let God’s word, his marvelous friendship, and the experience of being in a biblical community radically shape their character, relationships, and purpose. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.

Mosaic Young Adults

We want young adults to be an active part of our regular Sunday gatherings alongside the whole of the Mosaic community because, frankly, we love them. (And value their passion and perspective.) On top of that, we host a Thursday night gathering for 18 – twentysomethings where they can find encouragement and clarity in their spiritual journey while in this unique, often confusing stage of life. Offered at our Winter Garden Campus.

Resource Library

Articles, Books, Guides, Podcasts & Videos

We live in a time where thousands of thoughtful resources on life, faith, culture, and theology are accessible to our homes, cars, and headphones at the touch of a button. Sometimes the sheer number can be overwhelming. Our staff will continue to pull together favorites that challenge and inspire them to share with you.

Groups & Classes

Community Groups

The power of community grows with proximity. Community Groups are designed to allow us to know, encourage, and care for one another organically within the context of the larger church body. They are typically made up of 8 – 16 people whose life rhythms work together or complement one another.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are small groups designed to grow us as disciples of Jesus through highly relational scripture-focused and gospel-culture-focused hang out time and conversations. Each comprises a small group of men or women and ranges from just a couple of weeks to a few months. The goal is for you to know Christ better and arrive at a place where you can disciple others and feel comfortable engaging in conversations about life, theology, and their collision in the gospel.

Bible Studies

These are typically small groups of 5 – 15 people that meet once a week to study a book or theme of the Bible. These usually last for a season, but a few run throughout the year. Some groups are made up solely of women or men, while others are men and women.


Both of our campuses host a variety of classes every fall and spring. While the class list changes every semester, it’s built to help us explore the gospel’s fundamentals and implications—often as it relates to current cultural questions and issues. Each class has a different focus, allowing you to research a single aspect of following Jesus for a season. Hopefully, leading you to a deeper understanding of who Jesus was and greater clarity on how that affects our relationships, resources, and circumstances.

Counseling & Recovery

Groups and One-on-One Counseling

God deeply desires us to experience freedom, using it to love and serve one another without fear or manipulation (Galatians 5). Transformation to living freely happens when the gospel informs our identity, redeeming even the darkest, most brutal aspects of our lives through the power of his Spirit and a supportive, biblical community. Recovery Groups and counseling can help you learn how to practically apply the gospel to the areas of your life where you experience struggle with addiction, abuse, loss, trauma, or hurt.

Events & Conferences


We hold different events throughout the year. Some are just for women or men, while others are for both or even the whole family. Regardless, we try to not plan activities for activities’ sake. (If anything, we all need to slow down a little and clear our calendars more.) Each event is designed with detailed intentionality to help us do just that: slow down and orient our lives around Jesus.

Connect Hub at Mosaic at WDW

Join us in this space specifically designed to help you develop deeper connections and relationships in this community. We typically enjoy a brief, scripture-focused teaching followed by a conversation focused on personal life-application. This is a great way to incorporate a time for spiritual growth amongst community into your week beyond Sunday.

Currently, we host Connect Hub on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Men gather in one location and women in another to encourage comfortability and openness.


Sometimes it’s good to put daily life on hold to spend a day or two investing in a particular area of our pursuit of gospel-living. This is why we host a few conferences throughout the year, all focused on different aspects of Jesus’ way, truth, and life.