Our Commitment to One Another


The Mosaic community exists to demonstrate our passion for God and His passion for people. We do that by loving God, loving people, and serving the world.

Our Vision

When Jesus Christ called us to Himself for salvation, he also called us to his community of faith: the church. When the church is healthy, we should look like the early church in the book of Acts. In this early community of followers resources and daily lives were shared so freely that the surrounding culture looked in and wondered what on earth was going on there.

As Mosaic has grown to be a larger and larger community, we have realized the need to better clarify our commitment to one another. Covenant is the biblical language for an agreement or promise. Our Partnership Covenant gives Mosaic’s elders/pastors a chance to make some promises to you while you are making some promises to your church.

Our Doctrine

When trying to figure out if you can truly do life with a particular church, it is critically important that you know what that church believes. Before becoming a Covenant Partner at Mosaic, we encourage you to know our basic biblical and theological beliefs. If there is anything in our doctrine that you explicitly reject, we ask that you gracefully refrain from pursuing Covenant Partnership with Mosaic at this time and reach out to your Community Group leader or a pastor/elder to discuss any questions.

Our Promise

Our Elders/Pastors Promise to…

Your Promise

Your Promise to the Church to…