Share Life With a Small Group of Friends

Community Groups

The power of community grows with proximity. Community Groups are designed to allow us to know, encourage, and care for one another organically within the context of the larger church body.

We're currently putting a pause on signups but look forward to opening them back up later this year. We'll let you know in a big way when that happens! For more info, read the update below.


Why We’re Taking Some Time

Our heart is to make everyone’s entrance into a Community Group as smooth and impactful as possible. Because of this, we are incredibly passionate about creating groups that are small, committed, and an organic fit. With a leap in our church’s growth in 2018-2019 and the unique challenges that came with 2020, we feel the need to take a brief pause and use the spring of 2021 to revamp our approach to growing this into a reality.

Our Discipleship Team is currently hard at work and looking forward to reopening signups for Community Groups later this year. If you have any questions regarding a Community Group (previously called Missional Communities) that you’re currently in or have any other questions related to future Community Groups, feel free to reach out to them via e-mail.

Finding Community

In the meantime, if you’re looking to take a “next step” to get more involved at Mosaic, we encourage you to check out the groups and classes that are available this spring and/or join one of the many teams that serve on Sundays or during the week.

Our Vision

Acts 2:42-47

Acts 2:42-47 paints a beautiful, everyday picture of the early church. In it, all of life’s rhythms center around their spiritual formation and investing in one another. They’re in and out of each other’s homes, sharing meals and thoughts, praying for one another, and making sure no one has unanswered needs. They are not only witnesses to each other’s stories but sharers in them, and it speaks to the glory of God and how we bear His image in doing so. 

Why Community Groups?

As human beings, we’re limited by space, time, and just plain old internal capacity. This means that God has the marvelous work of bringing us together as Mosaic’s collective church body and unifying us as the greater global Church that began back in Acts. And we get to play a small but awesome part in that by faithfully, lovingly, and practically participating in the lives of the people around us. Community Groups help us know who those people are and know them well. They allow us to enjoy the proximity of being in each other’s lives—not just passing each other on Sundays.

Every group looks different. Some are made up of friends in similar chapters of life, while others enjoy all being in very different stages. Some meet weekly to study and discuss scripture, while others revolve most of their time together around meals or weekly adventures.

While no community of people—big or small—is perfect, it’s in the context of a biblical community that we can experience in small doses the grace, understanding, unity, joy, and life that will be fully present in God’s Kingdom. Here we can catch a glimpse of God’s intention for us from the beginning and what He’s at work to redeem.