Our Vision - Mosaic Church

Our Vision

Acts 2:42-47  paints a beautiful picture of the early church. In it, we see that they are diligently seeking spiritual formation and caring about one another. They are regularly in each other’s homes, sharing meals, praying, and meeting each other’s needs. They are not only witnesses to each other’s stories but sharers in them, and it speaks to the glory of God and how we bear His image by truly loving one another.

Why Community Groups?

As humans on planet death, we are limited by space, time, and capacity. This means we need God to do the marvelous work of bringing us together as the congregation of this local church, Mosaic, and unifying us with the greater global Church that began back in Acts. And we get to play our part in that by faithfully, lovingly, and practically participating in the lives of the believers around us. Community Groups are one of the ways that we can enjoy the proximity of being in each other’s lives—not just passing each other on Sundays.

Every group looks different. Some are made up of friends in similar chapters of life, while others are composed of people in very different stages. All groups will include breaking bread together, fun events and space for discussion. We have a 2 week a month option and a 4 week a month option to fit the needs of the different people in our congregation.

While no community of people—big or small—is perfect, it’s in the context of biblical community that we can experience in part; the grace, understanding, unity, joy, and life that will be fully present in God’s Kingdom. Here we can catch a glimpse of God’s intention for us from the beginning and what He’s at work to redeem.

And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people.