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Q&D Thursday at Young Adults: Mental Health and the Enneagram

Mental health has increasingly become a topic of regular conversation both inside and outside of the church. A lot of people have questions about whether therapy and faith can exist within the life of a Christian.

The Enneagram has been used as both a personality test and a therapeutic tool. Yet, the way it’s been utilized has added to the concerns surrounding the relationship between faith and therapy. Join us as we spend an evening at Mosaic Young Adults exploring some of these questions and tensions at one of our Question & Discussion Nights. The topics we cover at these aren’t always easy, but we believe it can be helpful to explore them together as a part of the church body.

RSVP if you plan on attending to help us prepare the seating setup for the night. 

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On the first Thursday of every month, we hold a panel during which we explore questions on the gospel, culture, and faith that are currently on the minds of our community.

We’d love for you not only to join us for that gathering but to share with us any questions on your mind by submitting them to the form below. All submissions are anonymous.


  • Thursday • May 6, 2021
  • Mosaic WG
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Child Care
    Not available
  • Event for
    Men, Women
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