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Men's Freedom Group

According to one study, 68% of church-going men view pornography on a regular basis. Many of these men feel like they are drowning, and are desperate for help, but they remain stuck under the weight of shame, isolation, guilt, and despair.

Our Men’s Recovery Group provides a safe place for community, sobriety, and healing. Our leaders use a curriculum to teach how to “work smarter, not harder” in breaking free from sexual bondage. Whether you struggle with pornography, adultery/affairs, lustful thoughts, or any other form of sexual bondage, our group can provide the tools, accountability, and encouragement needed for long-term purity.

Registration is open year-round.


This curriculum has been a game changer for my wife and I. It's given me a much greater understanding about what wounds and issues in my life are causing me to turn to sexual escape and find myself in addiction and bondage along with tools in how to find and walk in the freedom I have available to me in Christ. I hope to stay connected to the group of men I've found and pray the Lord continues this work of healing in my family. Thank you for the role you've played in providing these resources to me.


  • Weekly starting January 4, 2021 until December 27, 2021
  • Winter Garden Campus
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Leaders
    Tom Reynolds
  • Child Care
    Not available
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  • Cost
    $20 for the workbook
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