9:02am, 11:17am (WG) & 7:02pm (WDW)
Sunday after 2:00pm

It’s Good to
Be Back Home.

Online and In-Person Gatherings

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We are so excited to be offering reduced-capacity in-person Sunday gatherings along with our online live stream. Mosaic Kids is also available during our in-person gatherings for kids ages 3 months – 1st grade. Older children are welcome to join you in the sanctuary as a space to engage in worship and gospel community as a family.

Please reserve your spot ahead of time for the gathering of your choice. Sign up forms will update weekly on Tuesday mornings.

Winter Garden

14175 West Colonial Dr. Winter Garden, FL

Sunday at 9:02am

Sunday at 11:17am

Our 4:32pm gatherings are not currently available at this time.

At Walt Disney World

11531 Winter Garden Vineland Rd. Orlando, FL

Sunday at 7:02pm

If you plan to attend

Please Follow These
Safety Measures

  • Wear a Face Covering
    3 years and older. More on this below.
  • Cover Mouth & Nose
    When coughing or sneezing
  • Social Distancing
    Maintain physical distancing of 6' or more.
  • Wash Your Hands
    Wash often with soap & water or alcohol-based sanitizer and avoid touching your face.
  • Stay Home If...
    You or anyone in your household has felt unwell, has had a temperature of 100.4 or higher in the last 48 hours, or have come in contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Air Hugs
    Please refrain from hugging and shaking hands.

Face Covering Guidelines

In an effort to follow Orange County Mayor's most recent mandate (issued 6/18), we are asking that everyone 3 years and older wear a face-covering throughout their entire time at both of our campuses.

We'll let you know if this current safety measure changes.

Here's How We Plan to Keep You Safe

  • Social Distancing
    Our entire campus will continue to be set up and equipped to facilitate being home at Mosaic in a whole new way, encouraging community with social distancing.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Procedures
    While cleanliness has always been important to us, we’ve equipped our well-staffed facilities team with additional tools and manpower to keep all the surfaces in our campus sanitized and safe.
  • Monitoring Capacity
    We will continue to thoughtfully consider the capacity and functioning of all areas of our campus as it relates to facilitating social distancing.
  • Hand Hygiene
    We will continue to provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the building for your use as well as keep our bathrooms stocked with soap.
  • Sanctuary Seating
    We are asking all groups to leave two empty seats between them and the next group while seated in the sanctuary.
  • Drip Coffee
    While we definitely miss having donuts and lattes, we’re excited to be able to offer drip coffee (and tea) stations throughout the lobby now.
  • Temperature Checks
    All staff and volunteers' temperatures will be checked upon their arrival to ensure that they are healthy and safe to best serve you.

Why Now

Making the Gospel beautiful as we return

Mosaic Family, throughout COVID-19, we’ve been actively engaging with every resource available to make informed decisions about Mosaic’s own reopening plan. With much prayer and discussion amongst our Elders and our reopening team, we’ve decided to do a soft opening of in-person gatherings as we slowly move towards the Mosaic Sunday gathering experience as we know and love it.

We understand that everyone's circumstances differ and want you to know that we love and support you in making the wisest decision for your household each week.

We know that many of you, like us, are longing for the day we can all return to our Sunday gatherings as we have known and loved them for years. We also are looking forward to that future reality with hope and anticipation. However, we feel the responsibility of exercising caution and acting in wisdom to the best of our ability, following the current recommendations for each season. If this environment with masks and lack of refreshments and no Mosaic Kids is challenging for you, know that we completely understand if you'd rather stay home and attend online for now.

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