What to expect

Weekends at Mosaic

Whether you are new in town or new to Jesus, checking out churches can be really hard. Where do I go? What do I do with my kids? What will the music be like? What is the teaching like? What will people be wearing? Will it be weird? Am I wasting a Sunday morning only to find out that this is just not the right fit for me? These are all valid questions to ask when looking for a church. Here is a brief run-down of what to expect at any gathering at any campus of Mosaic Church. If you want specific information about our campuses, you can learn more at each campus page: Winter Garden & @Walt Disney World.

Reserve Your Spot & Review Current Health & Safety Measures

We are so excited to be offering reduced-capacity in-person Sunday gatherings along with our online livestream as of Sunday, June 21st. This marks the beginning of returning back to Sundays at Mosaic as we know and love after having been online-only since March of 2020. Before visiting us, we encourage you to review our current health & safety measures so you know exactly what to expect.


Parking works a little differently at each of our campuses, but never a big deal. Check out the campus pages for more specific details.

Mosaic Kids

At Mosaic Kids, we believe that God’s Word is for kids today, impacting their lives now. While we aren’t currently able to host our Mosaic Kids Sunday gatherings, if you’re able, we would love for you to join us as a family in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, engaging in worship and God’s worth together. (Activity packets for kids will be available for all families to pick up before entering the sanctuary.)

You can also continue to find the weekly Mosaic Kids Lesson videos (full of worship, a lesson, and familiar faces) right here every week. We encourage you to watch these with your kids and use them to jumpstart memorable Gospel moments and conversations throughout the rest of the week!

Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and donuts have been a Mosaic stanchion for years. However, the current circumstances have us going about things a little differently for the time being. While we aren’t able to provide coffee or other refreshments just yet, you are more than welcome to bring your own from home.

Blue Shirts

You’ll notice a lot of people in the lobby area wearing blue shirts. Those volunteers are there to help you. We make it obvious because we want you to be able to find out what you need to find out. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they can probably find someone who does. There are always a couple of our pastors nearby.

Worship Styles

If you’ve been to a few different churches, you know that musical styles can vary quite a bit. Ours tends to be a modern rock style on the louder side. We have a number of worship leaders on our team and they each bring their own style to our gatherings. The bottom line for us is that our worship is designed to point you to Jesus. It’s not about the stage or the lights or the talent of the musicians and vocalists. It’s about Jesus.


Our teaching is focused on taking the deep truths of The Bible and explaining them in an inspiring manner that makes sense today—as a narrative. As a community, we are all storytellers telling God’s story.  We spend most of the year preaching through books of the Bible, with occasional breaks for topical series. Expect our messages to last roughly 45 minutes. Check out the full Message Archive.


You may notice that we don’t pass offering plates or buckets at Mosaic and wonder how we pay the electric bill? We’ve chosen to make giving a very purposeful action by placing tithing/giving boxes at the back of our worship spaces and we encourage those who call Mosaic home to give regularly, sacrificially and joyfully. Learn more about giving.