Celebrate the Risen King!
Good Friday, Sunrise Worship & Easter Gathering

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To Our Mosaic Family

The world has entered a pivotal season and we’re not sure how long or short it will be. As a community, we want to respond responsibly to the current measures of halting the coronavirus pandemic—adjusting our daily rhythms to best care for the health of others. Because of this, the following will be in place at both of our campuses for the foreseeable future. We will continue to update these adjustments as things change.

Good Friday
& Easter

Let’s Celebrate “Together”

Join us in celebrating the Risen King and the hope He has secured for us!

Good Friday

This day invites us to set everything aside and remember the freedom Jesus won for us on the terrible, yet glorious cross. On the day of his death, brutality and beauty collided in the magnitude of His love and sacrifice for our rescue. We stand on this side of history and call this day “good” because of the debt that was paid, though we were undeserving—freeing us to know joy in all circumstances.

We’ll be posting our Good Friday Gathering on our website at 9:00am on Friday, April 10th where it will remain available.

*ASL interpreting & Spanish translation will be available.

Easter Sunday - Live Sunrise Worship

Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb. - John 20:1

Join us at 6:50am on social media for Live Sunrise Worship on Easter Sunday morning.

Our Worship Pastor, Zack, will be leading from his dock and we’ll all be joining in! Set the coffee brewer a little earlier than normal, find a cozy spot by a window or in your backyard, and join us on your phone or laptop. Let’s lift up our voices to our Kindest King!

Easter Sunday Gathering

When the stone of Jesus’ tomb was rolled away to reveal the living Christ, hope was sealed for all who believed. And this hope is something immeasurably more solid than wishful thinking or passing belief. It is the hope of the one true King resurrected—having crushed death for good under His heel. Is is the hope of our Creator committed to the rescue and redemption of all creation, restoring each of of us to a deep relationship with Him where we find ourselves truly alive. We don’t yet feel or see His Kingdom fully arrived, but know it’s on its way and so can say…

Death is swallowed up in victory.
O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?
- 1 Corinthians 15:55

We’ll be posting our Easter Sunday Gathering on our website at 7:00am on Easter Sunday, April 12th where it will remain available.

*ASL interpreting & Spanish translation will be available.

Sunday Gatherings

All Sunday Gatherings will be Online

We will be posting our Sunday gathering on our website at 9:00am every Sunday and have it available on our website throughout the following week. ASL interpreting and Spanish translation will be available. We have the opportunity to gather in a unique way in the upcoming weeks.


We encourage you to set aside a good chunk of time to engage in worship, teaching, and prayer with the rest of the church through this online platform every week. A part of the wonder of church is that it can't be canceled because it isn't an event, but people—like us.

Invite Your Household to Join You

Invite your family, roommates and those in your house to engage in the weekly gathering with you. Brew some coffee, bring your Bibles into the living room, and have your own mini house church gathering with the message on a laptop or cast to the TV. Sing and pray together—maybe this is something you already do regularly or maybe it’s an opportunity for a new kind of spiritual intimacy to start and grow in your home.

Mosaic Kids

We'll be offering worship, stories, and devotional resources for Little Kids, The City, and Mix56. Parents, this is a great time for you to enjoy engaging in the teaching with your kids. These resources be available on the Mosaic website as well.

Groups and Classes

All Missional Communities, Groups, and Classes Will Not be Meeting In-Person for the Time Being

We are encouraging groups of 10 or more to meet online through free tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts along with continuing to share encouragement and needs with one another through text and messaging apps.

Reach out to your missional community, group, and/or class leaders for more information.


All scheduled events are currently on hold for the time being. We are hoping to be able to reschedule some of the bigger events we had planned for March and April for later this year.

You can still sign up for major events scheduled to happen this summer and beyond on our full website. As things move forward, we’ll let you know any updates related to these on this page.

Mosaic at WDW

In lieu of our regular Tuesday night events, we’ll be sharing a fun activity or spiritual discipline every week that you and your household can participate in together. These will be posted on Mosaic’s at WDW's Instagram and Facebook Story on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm.

Mosaic Students

Mosaic Students will not be gathering on Wednesday nights. However, we will have regular avenues of community and discipleship available to all students through Mosaic Students Instagram @mosaicstudents. Visit the Mosaic Students webpage to see their full discipleship schedule as well as their weekly teachings.

Here’s the weekly schedule:

  • 1 minute devotional at 10:00am | Monday - Friday on Instagram Story and TikTok
  • Hangouts at 2:00 - 3:00pm | Monday - Friday on Instagram Live
  • Wednesday IG Live Gathering at 6:00pm. These will include:
    • Announcements, interactive hangouts and games
    • Worship
    • A teaching on igTV

Mosaic Young Adults

Mosaic Young Adults will not be meeting on Thursday nights. We will continue meeting online in our Missional Communities as well as sharing a weekly teaching every Thursday at 6:00pm. Visit the Mosaic Young Adults webpage to see their full discipleship schedule as well as their weekly teachings.

Monday Night Prayer

Monday Night Prayer is going online via Zoom.

Our usual Monday Night Prayer, offered at 6:00pm in the Mix Room, will be moving online for the time being! This is a life-giving, community-driven rhythm we don’t want to miss out on in the coming weeks, so we’ll be continuing to hold it on Zoom on Monday nights at 6:00pm.

How to Use Zoom

Zoom Details for Participating in Monday Night Prayer

Participating in Monday Night Prayer on Zoom

Enter with this link: https://zoom.us/j/270803325?pwd=b204R2piVzRYOVRtc0dLdWJVK1lnQT09

Meeting ID: 270 803 325 Password: 857419

Clicking the Link to Enter should place you in the Monday Night Prayer Zoom meeting room. Be aware that you will not be muted so all background noise will come through. (You can mute yourself.) This will allow you to pray out loud if you feel led. You will need to allow Zoom to access your microphone and camera for audio and video.

Keep in mind, this is new for many if not all of us... so we may just talk our way through it. The format will stay open to change as we figure things out. Please feel free to come in and out of the meeting as you desire or need to—just be aware of your noise so as not to interrupt others while they’re praying.

You can subscribe to the scheduled Monday Night Prayer meetings on your Zoom account by clicking on this link. https://zoom.us/j/270803325?pwd=b204R2piVzRYOVRtc0dLdWJVK1lnQT09

On Mission

Let’s get bold and creative in living on mission, abiding in Jesus.

Here are some ways we can practice that in the midst of this particular season.


  • Pray for your Neighbors | You can utilize Pray4EveryHome to pray for your neighbors by name.
  • Check up on your Neighbors | Ask how they are doing and if they need anything. If your not sick or at-risk, maybe take a daily walk around your neighborhood to be physically present or utilize tools like Nextdoor to learn about needs around your neighborhood.
  • Donate Blood | One local place to give with a few locations is OneBlood.
  • Donate Toys to Your Local Hospital | Hospitals are keeping the kids in the hospitals Isolated right now and so they are not able to share toys between the rooms, leaving a lacking number of toys to number of little patients.
    * Donations should be Direct Shipped from a store and not from someone's personal home or address. Some suggestions of items to donate are Walkie Talkies (so kids can talk between rooms), Uno Cards, infant & baby toys. etc.
    Some hospitals you can donate to are:
    • Arnold Palmer Hospital
      Katie McMichael
      92 W Miler Street MP 309
      Orlando, FL 32816
    • Nemours Children's Hospital Child Life Department
      13535 Nemours Parkway
      Orlando, FL 32827


Pray for our Global Partners in Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, North Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina.

Pray for our North American Partners in Canada, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, South Florida and those in our home of Central Florida.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to pay close attention to and follow the government’s and health professional’s recommendations.

Let Us Abide

In this time while we’re not able to be physically together, we’ll be sharing encouragements, prayers, short teachings, and devotionals throughout every week on on Instagram and Facebook as well as on our website.

We know that all of us are experiencing quite a shift from our regular weekly rhythms, but the rhythm of abiding in Jesus—following His way, truth, and life—remains. And in doing so, we find He is our anchor in all times, always drawing us in closer towards Him and others.

Let’s not stop fearlessly pressing into abiding in Him individually and as a community in every moment. He pulls great purpose and beauty out of all seasons, leading us in every step.

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Redeeming Every Moment By, Through & For Jesus.