At Mosaic at WDW, we are passionate about discipleship.

We believe that disciples of Jesus are men and women who orient their lives around three goals…

    1. Be with Jesus.
    2. Become like Jesus.
    3. Partner with Jesus.

The word discipleship describes the incredible journey of allowing these three goals to interact with every part of your life.

Explore Discipleship at WDW.

Discipleship Groups

One of the ways we offer discipleship, is through D-groups. If you’re interested in joining one, let us know!

Equipping Classes

We’d also like to encourage you to take a look at one of our upcoming Equipping Classes! These are great spaces to learn or be refreshed on some of the most life-changing aspects of following Jesus, while getting to know people outside of the Sunday night gathering.

Weekly Community Events

Last of all, some of the events on our calendar offer opportunities to partner with Jesus. You can  check in on the calendar from week to week, or subscribe and link it to your own calendar.