We start the month with Jacob. We find his story through various passages in Genesis 25, 27, and 28. Jacob might have wondered how God felt about him after swindling his brother’s birthright and blessing out from under him. But in a dream, God reminded Jacob that He loved Jacob and could be trusted. God renewed the covenant that he started with Jacob’s grandfather Abraham. God always keeps his promises.

Bottom Line: You can trust God no matter what. From being powerful enough to create the universe to being personal enough to love each one of us through Jesus, God has proved that He can be trusted in any and every circumstance. We pray that kids will discover they can trust God with whatever they face in their own life.


Next, we find out what happens to Jacob’s son, Joseph, in Genesis 37 and 39:1-2. Joseph learned what it meant to trust God through difficulty. Because Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, his brothers hated him. This only became worse when Joseph had a series of dreams where his brothers bowed to him. The brothers get back at Joseph when they sell him to a band of traders headed to Egypt. He must have felt scared and completely alone. Thankfully, he wasn’t. God was with him the whole time.

Bottom Line: When you think you’re alone, you can trust God is with you. Kids will face times when they feel like they’re alone. We hope this lesson from Joseph’s life will encourage them as they remember that God is always with them.


Next, we find out what happens to Joseph in Egypt. In Genesis 40 we discover that while Joseph was thrown into prison for a crime he didn’t commit, God helped him interpret a couple of dreams that came true. He thought this was his chance to get out of jail. Instead Joseph was forgotten and stayed in prison several more years. Even though God was with Joseph, he must have been confused at what was happening to him.

Bottom Line: When life doesn’t make sense, you can trust God is with you. From not being able to understand something in school to a family situation you never expected, what’s happening in our life won’t always make sense. We pray that no matter what kids face, they’ll trust that God is in control and they can trust Him to get through it.


Next, we see how God is faithful to Joseph in Genesis 41. Joseph seemed to continually find himself in situations where he needed to trust God. Pharaoh had a dream that no one could interpret. It’s in this moment the king’s cupbearer, who was in prison with Joseph, remembered how Joseph had interpreted his dream. At once, Pharaoh sent for Joseph. He went and with God’s help interpreted the dreams and offered a plan for helping Egypt survive the famine that God says is coming. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of the entire kingdom.

Bottom Line: When the pressure is on, you can trust God is with you. Kids face moments all of the time when they’ll need to trust God. Rather than getting scared, they can put their trust in God and face whatever comes their way.


In Genesis 42-45 we conclude Joseph’s story. Now second in command in Egypt, Joseph put his plan into action as the famine has spread far and wide. Joseph’s brothers end up making the trek down to Egypt, and sure enough they ended up right in front of Joseph. After some back and forth for several weeks, Joseph can’t stand it any longer. He revealed who he was to his brothers and offered them forgiveness for everything that had happened.

Bottom Line: You can trust God has a plan. It’s often hard to see how God is working in a certain situation while you’re going through it. As we get older, we see that story that God was writing with our life. Kids are just starting this journey of faith, we pray that they’ll discover that God has a plan and will trust them as they learn what that is.