At Mosaic, we recognize that while the Christmas season is an exciting and wondrous time, in our culture it can also be challenging and chaotic—especially for those of us working in hospitality and retail.

Uncommon Love is a tradition born out of a desire to let both friends and strangers working in these spaces know that they are appreciated.

We encourage you to take a stack of Uncommon Love cards from the Connect kiosks the next time you’re at Mosaic, to keep in your pocket or wallet as you shop and go out to eat with family and friends. These cards were designed to be pretty and subtle, giving you a simple way to share your genuine appreciation with people whom you cross paths with during the next couple of weeks.

The hashtag on them is a way for both those giving and receiving the cards to share stories of gratitude for one another over social media. Let’s be true conduits of joy this year, church!