Justice & Mercy


Caring for vulnerable and at risk children

In 2016, Sophia Fitzgibbon followed the call to care for orphans in Honduras. She is the Director of the Centro De Paso house at Legacy of Hope and has cared for over one hundred children since its opening.

Her Story

“For me orphan care is so much more then a passion it’s a calling that God has placed on my life. After graduating high school I knew God was calling me to the mission field, I moved to the Dominican Republic to work in an orphanage right after high-school.  I returned in January of 2015 and since then my burning passion has continued to grow.  As I am continuing to follow where The Lord leads me, I have moved to Honduras to work with Legacy of Hope Foundation. While here I am serving as the associate director of an emergency care center called “Centro De Pasos”, this home will be like a Safe Families house. We will be taking neglected, abused, and abandoned children from ages 0-18. The children who come through this house will be there for a maximum of 72 hours. During this time frame Child Services is working to find family members of that child or an orphanage to relocate them to. This house has been created so children will not have to spend 72 hours in the police station while waiting to be relocated. Please pray for all the children who will pass through Centro de Paso, as this house is just the beginning of a long journey towards healing and restoration in Christ.”

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