Interested in serving at the Mosaic at Walt Disney World campus?

Check out the opportunities below!


Mosaic at WDW Connect Team

Bring the sense of “home” and connection to life in the Mosaic at WDW Lobby!

The Mosaic at WDW Connect Team has the unique opportunity of cultivating relationships with Walt Disney World cast members and interns, many of whom are from all over the world and are hoping to find genuine friends and community.

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Shuttle Squad

Help transport Disney interns to the Mosaic at WDW campus!

The Shuttle Squad serves on Sunday evenings, shuttling interns from Disney College Program housing to our weekly gathering and back. This team helps remove a barrier facing the many international and American students without cars, connecting them to a Jesus-centered community.

On available Sundays, the volunteer commitment is 7:15 – 10:00pm.

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Prayer Team

Invite life-giving change, freedom, and joy to people’s lives through the power of prayer.

Volunteers on the Prayer Team at Mosaic at WDW meet before the gathering every week to communally pray and welcome God’s presence, direction and power into the night. They also pray for others’ needs and requests during their time together, as well as on their own throughout the week. We believe prayer is a crucial and powerful aspect of following Jesus—and we love praying together as a community.

Expressing interest in volunteering with the prayer team means you are available a couple times a month during the designated time after the gathering.

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Set Up / Tear Down Team

Be a part of creating our gathering space. As a campus that meets weekly in a ballroom at a Holiday Inn, we don’t know what we’d do without this team!

Serving on the Set Up/Tear Down Team is an awesome opportunity to build relationships while actively worshipping through an act of service. The Set Up Team physically creates a space that helps people feel comfortable and able to worship, while the Tear Down Team allows staff and volunteers time to build relationships with others after the gathering. Both also helps us to continue our good relationship with the Holiday Inn staff—which is very important to us!

The Set Up Team arrives at 5:00pm and sets up the space until around 6:30pm. The Tear Down Team serves immediately after the gathering until around 10:00pm.

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Cry Room Set Up

Help set up a space for people to comfortably enjoy the weekly message with their little ones.

The Cry Room is a new and highly welcomed addition to this campus! While the gathering takes place in one of the larger ballroom spaces of the Holiday Inn, we use one of the conference rooms across the hall to live-cast the message for parents and caretakers of smaller children. It’s a great way for babies and toddlers to have the freedom to play and make some noise, while parents or guardians can still engage with biblical teaching.

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