This word has lost weight for some of us as it’s used often in the marketplace, advertising and even in just our own everyday verbiage.

But let’s not forget that it describes the first step to experiencing unity, as our lives are bound together through the bond of the gospel. Here are some ways to take that step at Mosaic.


Chapter ONE 

Get to know the story of Mosaic.

Sunday at 1:15pm

October 7th


Chapter TWO 

Find your the right place to connect – Missional Community, Equipping Classes, Serving, and more.

Sunday at 1:30pm

October 14th


Coffee Connection

Explore what might be a good fit for you over a cup of coffee. We can help you discover groups to connect to, ways to serve, and a Missional Community that will work well for your schedule.




Expand your understanding and grow deeper in your faith.


Equipping Classes

Attend on your own or with your Missional Community. 

Tuesday Nights from 6:30 – 8:00pm

Starting dates vary by class.


Recovery Groups

Find support in hard places.

Meeting times and locations vary by group.




Participate in one gathering and serve at another.


Serve ONE

Explore your passion, whether it’s speaking into the next generation at Mosaic Kids or Students, creating a space of worship or welcoming people into a safe and friendly building.




Experience the joy and freedom of sacrificial living for the gospel.



If you call Mosaic home, learn more about the heart behind regular giving and the ways you can do it.