God, whatever moments of our lives that can come more in line with Your Spirit, let it be. Let our heartbeat be in rhythm with Yours because in Your heart beats life.

Help us be fearless as we step into the spaces of this world—the dark and light—bringing all You’ve given us with open hands to make You known.

You have joined our lives together, threading each moment into a marvelous picture of creation redeemed.

We thank You for Your grace in the stories of all those who sit among us and for Your grace in the stories to come.

You gave your life though we were undeserving. You are constant, though we are fickle. You are sovereign through our unbelief. You loved us first, inviting us into the grandest adventure of all time: the story of Your Kingdom come. May we live in You through every moment of it.

For by You all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers of authorities—all things were created through You and for You.


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