NEWS_LM-foster volunteers

There are an estimated 146 million orphans and vulnerable children in the World.  When we think of those numbers we can become overwhelmed.  In Central Florida we have 1,500+ vulnerable children who need homes and hundreds, if not thousands of families in need of assistance.  The reality is that individually we cannot help all these children and families, however, God has called us all to get involved and do something.  What are your talents, experiences, availability, resources, talents?  Our volunteers come along side our programs to help families and ministries to sustain the calling!  Will you join us?

Love Made Visible exists to Connect the community with the needs of children and families globally and locally.  How can you be apart of this movement to really Get Loud and serve orphaned and vulnerable children?  Here are some opportunities to volunteer:




Prayer / Encouragement: Be a part of praying and/or encouraging our adoptive, foster, safe family parents, children, and all those involved in the work of orphan care.  We will give you a monthly calendar with specific ways of praying and specific families to pray for and encourage.  


Family Advocate:  2-3 hours weekly, advocating for adoptive & foster families.  Get to know the families, find out their needs, and connect them with the resources needed.


Acts of Service:  We are in need of individuals to assist foster, adoptive, and Safe Families in meeting their practical needs.  Meals, Errands (transportation), Home Care (Lawn, home maintenance, cleaning)


Social Media Volunteer:  3-4 hours weekly to assist in promoting Love Made Visible programs through social media, website update, Monthly Enews.



Babysitting / Respite Care


Connect Group Childcare: 2 hours monthly to care for adoptive, foster children and their siblings.  Parents will attend a support group during this time.  


Parents Night Out: 3 hours per month adoptive, foster and Safe Family parents drop off their children for a night of fun and games as parents get the opportunity to go out on a date or just have some fun.


Children’s Ministry Sidekick Program:  2 hours weekly you will be teamed up with a special needs child and will help them navigate children’s church in an inclusive Children’s Ministry program.


Babysitting for Foster Parents Association Meeting:  3 hours weekly you will have the opportunity to babysit for foster families.  This meetings are held in the East side of Orlando on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 6:45-9:00 p.m.