Read: James 2:14-16 and 1 John 3:16-18

There is no doubt that this is the season of giving. People are everywhere, shopping up a storm to collect gifts for others. People will clean their homes for guests, cook huge amounts of food for others, and go through rolls of tape packaging boxes of stuff to send gifts all over the world. Giving may not always be done with the best attitude, but giving will happen nonetheless. The thing that bums me out a bit is the “after holidays” months that will set in soon after the Christmas season. “Good will to all Men” fades away and all that giving over Christmas means a season of saving to try and recover.  What if we do things differently this Christmas? What if this Christmas drives us into a giving frenzy?  What if this Christmas is only the beginning of a year of giving?  You see, according to the Bible, we are to give and love everyday.  It’s not something we save up for all year to do once and be done with it. We are to give ourselves away for the sake of others and for the sake of Christ. Why? Because Jesus did it for us, and then told us to do it for others. As we give and receive gifts and experience the reality of it all, may we strive to carry this giving season all the way into March, or maybe June, or maybe even October. Who knows what our world will begin to look like if we let Christmas inspire us to have open hands with our time and our resources. Let’s get out there and change the world!

Today – Ask God to show you ways today to open your hands and make yourself and your resources available to Him.  Ask Him to provide opportunities for you to open your hands