Have you ever thought something like this… “I’m not in High School anymore, but I don’t really connect with the mini-van driving, golf shirt wearing types either.” …We understand!

If you love Mosaic Church, you will love connecting with other young adults here!

There are several ways you can connect:

1. Young Adult Gatherings: Thursday night at 8:32pm at the Winter Garden Campus.

Our Thursday 8:32pm gathering is the young adult expression for engaging worship, relevant teaching, and close community at Mosaic Church. Young adults are the most mobile group of people in the church and we desire to realize our potential for a great impact around the world.

2. Young Adult Events: Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updated fun opportunities for community

Whether it’s a progressive dinner where the main course is a step up from Ramen Noodles, or a Super Bowl party where Katy Perry somehow performs a modest halftime show, or hanging out with some gal pals for “Galentine’s Day”, we love being together in life. You’re invited!

3. Young Adult Missional Communities: We currently have 3 great options for young adults:

Ocoee Missional Community

Clermont Missional Community

We would love for you to jump in with us in life and mission.

Shoot us your questions, we’ll try to give you our answers!