Get to know others by “supping” together.

There’s something about eating together that makes things happen. (Maybe it’s just that we’re so happy to be filling our bellies, we let our guards down and our awesomeness come out.)

If you’re a part of, or even just visiting, Mosaic Young Adults and are looking to get to know  and be known in the community better—come to a dinner group! These groups are a chance to build new friendships, while also getting a free meal out of it.

Our next dinner groups night will be on Saturday, May 25th, at dinner time (registration for May dinner groups closes on Saturday, May 18th).

If you want to sign up for a dinner group, please fill out THIS FORM. For more info or questions, contact Justin, our Young Adult Director.

*By signing up, your name will be added to the list of attendees. You will then be added to a group text/email the week of dinner groups with your dinner hosts, and they will give you all the details.