Connect with other women this spring in one of our prayer or study groups!


We believe that a mom can be the single greatest force for good in the lives of her children and the children around her. We believe that lives and whole communities are changed forever when moms gather together to pray to the only One who can change a human heart. Moms can make the difference as they reach out to God in prayer—moms just like you.

Our purpose is threefold:

1) To pray that our children will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, then stand boldly in their faith; and to pray for teachers and school staff.
2) To support and encourage moms who carry heavy burdens for their children.
3) To pray for biblical values and high moral standards be in schools.

Tuesday Afternoons | 4:00 – 5:00pm

Ocoee | $8.00 

Contact Teresita Palmer if interested in joining.



What has God called you to do and uniquely equipped you for? Discover the spiritual gifts God has given you and understand those given to all believers to glorify Himself and strengthen His church.

*Starts January 22nd.

Tuesday Evenings | 6:30pm

Mosaic Winter Garden campus (The Lounge) | $30.00 for materials

Contact: Kim Silbernagel 

Register here if interested in joining. 



Colorfull Faith is a time dedicated to being in the word as we create, develop friendships, pray for each other and encourage one another. Each week, a technique will be demonstrated for you to practice or you may work on any creative project you like. Techniques discussed will include hand lettering, Bible journaling, mixed media art, prayer and praise journaling, collage etc.

Wednesday Mornings | 10:00am – Noon 


Contact Laura Creeden if interested in joining. 



In these last days, God has spoken to us through His Son. What does He say about Jesus, angels, and our great salvation? Learn about Jesus’ superiority to all in this exciting study of Hebrews that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament law and prophecy.

We will be studying the book of Hebrews  for the entire year using a Precept study guide.  We will follow the Orange County school calendar.

*No need to be an artist to join the fun! Recommended reading: Faith Journaling For the Inspired Artist by Stephanie Ackerman

Thursday Mornings | 9:30am – 11:30am 

 Mosaic Church Winter Garden campus (Room 213) | $26.50 for materials 

Contact Deb Moline if interested in joining | (407)448-7302



This is an inductive study of God’s Word and is completely guided by The Holy Spirit’s leading. We worship in song, pray and study God’s Word in an open format where everyone is free to share, ask questions or just listen. It’s for any level of maturity and is an ongoing study so you can jump in whenever you’d like. We are currently studying the book of Exodus the Tabernacle.  No sign up is required for this group and you can join at any time.

*Runs through mid May 2019.

Wednesday Mornings | 9:30 – 11:30am 

Mosaic Winter Garden campus

Contact Carmen Leoncini if interested in joining. 



We will be doing an inductive study of the book of Luke using precept upon precept concepts as well as material by N.T. Wright.

*Starts in September 2018 and runs through mid May 2019. 

Friday Mornings | 10:00am – Noon 

Mosaic Winter Garden campus | $10.00 for materials 

Contact Kim Hsu if interested in joining | (650)283-0126



In this study Dr. John MacArthur turns his attention to twelve of the most remarkable women of the Bible. Summarizing their lives and the depth of their individual faith, he demonstrates the way in which God also requires women to fortify His kingdom. Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, Dr. MacArthur highlights a wide range of heroines, including Anna, Eve, Hanna, Lazarus’ sisters Martha and Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of Jesus, Rahab, Ruth, as well as the woman at the well, the poor woman of Luke, the seductress of Proverbs 7, and the believer of Proverbs 31.

Tuesday Evenings 


Contact Marcia Lushen if interested in joining. 



The goal of this women’s Bible study group is to help each person come into a clear understanding of God’s word as He speaks to us through our study.  Prayer and fellowship are also an important part of this group.

Wednesday Evenings 

Panera Bread (Winter Garden Village) 

Contact Dolores McGrath if interested in joining | (407)654-6252








In this group we are going to focus on helping each woman become a fruitful disciple of Christ and make her life count. This group is for women from all backgrounds, from those who have been believers for many years to those who are brand new followers of Christ. Some of the topics we will be talking about include:

~how we become brand-new people from the inside out when we become Christians
~why we can go boldly in God’s presence any time we like without fear
~ nothing we do can make God love us any more or any less
~how to resolve the effects of even the deepest issues from the past
~how to deal with repeating patterns of sin
~understanding what God’s purpose for your life is (it may not be what you think!)

Tuesday nights at 6:00pm

Winter Garden 

Contact  Monika Harrison if interested in joining.