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Summer is fast approaching and Mosaic Kids wants to invite you into their story this season! This summer we  plan to give some of our team members who have been faithfully serving throughout the year a much needed vacation. This is where you come in!

We are looking for a team of people who would be willing to come in and take the place of our team members for a few weeks this summer.

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Check out Mosaic Kids Ministry
  • Hang out with some amazing kids and leaders
  • Serve those who have been serving our families all year

If you don’t currently serve on a ministry team at Mosaic, consider joining the Mosaic Kids Summer Team. It all starts with orientation!

Sunday, May 19th |  1:15-2:30pm.

*Lunch and childcare will be provided.  

You’ll learn everything you need to know to join the summer team and serve our families!