Motors is a ministry of Mosaic Care where we take donated cars, rehabilitate them with minor repairs and detailing, and then provide them to qualified individuals and families who attend Mosaic that are in need of basic transportation.

Here are some ways you can participate with us in this: 

  • Donate a Car

Our goal is provide someone with reliable transportation. If you or someone you know has a car that you think could be donated let us know. We evaluate each potential car donation to see if it meets the program requirements. If the care qualifies for donation we will provide the donor with documentation of that donation.
*Donors for cars and/or funds will receive a tax deductible receipt. 
  • Donate Funds 

This helps to cover:

    • Minor Repairs to Cars (Tires, Wipers, Oil Changes, Brakes)
    • Initial Car Registration and Auto insurance
  • Donate Your Time and/or Skill Set

    • Car Preparation (Cleaning, Detail, Washing, small cosmetic repairs)
    • Car Delivery
    • Evaluation of Car Recipient Eligibility.


Interested in donating one of these? Contact our Mosaic Care Team.