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This is a class for people who desire to strengthen the foundation of their faith. Throughout this class, you will learn from various teachers and grow in your understanding of God’s Word and what it teaches about foundational Christian beliefs.

We’re offering two separate meetings for this class to help serve people’s varying schedules and locations. 

Monday Evening Class

TEACHER: Miranda Gibson

TEXTBOOK: provided Foundations devotional

DATES: Mondays at 5:00pm | Starts September 23rd

LOCATION: Disney Springs Westside Starbucks | Outside Patio

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Wednesday Evening Class

TEACHER: Eddie Taubensee

TEXTBOOK: provided Foundations devotional

DATES: Wednesdays at 5:00pm | Starts September 18th

LOCATION: Lakeside Village Panera Bread | 6537 Old Brick Road Windermere, FL 34786

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Week 1  Topic: Introduction to Christianity & Who is God?

Homework: Devotional Week 1


Week 2 Topic: Who am I? 

Homework: Devotional Week 2


Week 3 Topic: What is the Bible and Can I Trust It? 

Homework: Devotional Week 3


Week 4 No Class


Week 5 Topic: Story of the Bible

Homework: Devotional Week 4


Week 6 Topic: What is the Gospel?

Homework: Devotional Week 5


Week 7 Topic: Our Response to the Gospel
Homework: Devotional Week 6


Week 8  Topic: Follow Me

Homework: Devotional Week 7


Week 9 Topic: Community

Homework: Devotional Week 8


Week 10 Topic: Be With Jesus

Homework: Devotional Week 9


Week 11 Topic: Become Like Jesus

Homework: Devotional Week 10


Week 12 Topic: Partner with Jesus

Homework: Devotional Week 11


Week 13 Topic: Discipleship
Homework: Devotional Week 12