At Mosaic Church, we believe that Missional Communities are at the core of who we are. We care deeply that everyone is connected to biblical community.

Lately, we’ve been asked why many of our missional communities can’t take in more people. To help you understand why many missional communities are at capacity, it’s important to understand that missional communities all have what’s called a normal life cycle.

1) Gathering & Connecting Stage- where people all begin gathering together, getting to know each other and inviting new people to be a part of the missional community. This stage normally lasts about 6 months. In this stage, the missional community is open to adding new people.

2) Vulnerability & Missional Stage-where the group is becoming a missional family where they serve together and are past “the getting to know” you phase. The group has already determined who they do life with and has the right number of people to be an effective MC. This stage normally lasts about 12 months. Generally, in this stage, the missional community has reached capacity and will be a closed group for this stage.

3) Reproducing & Gathering Stage-where the group starts the multiplication process after identifying and developing leaders to start a new MC in order to reach more people. This stage normally lasts 6 months. In this stage, the missional community now becomes an open group again.

We believe it’s healthy that there is a period of time in a missional community to add people and a period of time to make it a closed group before the group moves into another season of multiplying and adding new people. Right now, many of our MCs are in the Vulnerability & Missional Stage meaning that there are lots of closed groups. This is a normal and healthy thing. Just know that we are currently in the process of training new MC leaders to start new groups along with walking with current MC’s in the multiplication process with the hopes that more people can get connected to biblical community.

If you have further questions or desire to become an MC leader, please email our Discipleship and Mission Pastor, Gabe Forsyth.