Become a Mentor

We have the opportunity to come alongside and support Maxey Elementary School through a mentorship program for students in grades K – 5.  Maxey Elementary School has identified 45 students in need of mentorship. We are looking for 15 to 20 mentors, both men and women to step into this opportunity.
  1. Potential mentors will have to sign up through the OCPS volunteer system and attach themselves to Maxey Elementary School as well as the Dreamcatcher’s Mentoring opportunity.
  2. Once the process of signing up as an OCPS volunteer is complete, you can sign up as a mentor.
  3. Maxey will match mentees with mentors once we identify the mentors and their availability (i.e. day of week; am or pm) and can successfully pair them according to times students can be mentored (during lunch or for a part of their special area time).
  4. Mentoring will be for approximately 30 minutes, one time weekly with the intention that, if paired successfully, mentor and mentee pair will carry over year to year, whenever possible.