Thank you for stepping up to lead a new missional community. You are embarking on a journey to take a group of strangers and lead them to become a team of people who are living on mission together to make the gospel known. This is an incredible task! One that we cannot and should not do in our own strength. By relying on the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, you will get the opportunity to see your missional community grow together in devotion for Jesus and on mission with Jesus. It is an amazing privilege to participate with Jesus in leading a group of people through these stages of growing on mission together.

This leader’s guide is designed to help you as the MC leader to facilitate a gospel-centered discussion each week for 12 weeks. These weekly discussion times will lay a foundation of shared vision, values, and identity for your missional community. Our prayer is that this process will equip your missional community to begin living on mission together as family, disciples, and missionary servants.

Download the Missional Community Leader Guide

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