Read: Luke 1:34-38

We’re almost there. The day is approaching. We are often bombarded with reminders that this time of year has the potential to be full of imagination if we allow it. The words “it’s magical” ring in the air. And rightly so! The snowfall in New York, mistletoe, the North Pole, Christmas trees, bells on reindeer and a man with a long beard who travels through the night to bring presents to boys and girls all over the world. In an often ordinary world, Christmas stands out as extraordinary.  In a world with very few magical moments, Christmas brings wonder around every turn. How perfectly appropriate. After all, it is on this day that we celebrate the most magical moment the world has ever known.

A young woman experiences the pangs of childbirth, even though she is a virgin. Kings in the East see a star that leads them on a long journey to a town called Bethlehem. Shepherds in a field meet a group of angelic beings from another world who send them to a stable not far away. Into human history, the creator and sustainer of all that exists, the one who was and is and will always be, is born into human form. Mystery and wonder fill this day we call Christmas. In the midst of imaginary, romantic, wonder, we must not miss the truly magical part of Christmas.

Be in awe of the beauty of God coming to earth to save us all!  May snow and trees and bells and reindeer and mistletoe remind us why this season is so magical after all!

Today – Ask God to use all the wonderful parts of Christmas to draw you into the true wonder of it all. Ask God to help you avoid getting lost in the magic of Christmas and instead to get lost in the Magical wonder of Christ Jesus.