Support & Nurture Groups

We’re excited to host a monthly group where pre/post adoptive, foster and Safe Family parents can connect with other parents who are on the journey of caring for vulnerable children. This is a communal space to share, celebrate victories and gain life-changing resources. For most meetings we invite a certified Mental Health Counselor to facilitate a topic that provides a better understanding of human development, how trauma can affect it and the best way for you, as the parent, to meet your child’s unique needs within their story. This group is designed to be highly interactive as we’ve found over the past few years that sometimes the most powerful words can be, “Me too.”

This Support Group for adoptive, foster, and Safe Family parents coincides with life skills Nurture Groups for kids. Join us!


First Thursday of every month 

6:30 – 8:00pm at Mosaic

See the Adoption & Foster Care Calendar for all dates