Not too many years ago, we stepped—or rather leapt—into orphan care as a church. Since that leap, we’ve learned that the world of caring for the world’s vulnerable children is a vast one, full of incredible and incredibly hard moments. It’s also a world full of questions (ten years in and we’re still learning). We wanted to open up a space in one of our regular rhythms of coming and going where people could feel free to ask questions  about stepping into orphan care face-to-face with people who’ve already taken a few steps in.

The Love Made Visible Corner is this space. It takes place on the second Sunday of every month, after both of the regular Sunday morning gatherings at Mosaic. Each month we have a host or two there to answer questions about a specific topic within the world of orphan care. You don’t need an appointment or to even have a fully formed question. You can just stop by and chat.

See the schedule below and look for us in the lobby!


November 10th | Adoption 

January 12th The Power of Play

February 9th Volunteer Opportunities with Love Made Visible

March 8th | Safe Families

April 12th | Break for Easter

May 10th | Grants for Adoptive & Foster Families

June 14th | Praying for Foster & Adoptive Families


Feel free to contact Love Made Visible’s coordinator, Angela, with any questions.