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Connect Group 

Pre & Post-placement/adoption support group.  A place where you will connect with other parents who are walking the journey with hope and redemption as we care for vulnerable children.  This is a no judgement zone group, a place to celebrate victories, and a place to connect us to other families and resources. You are NOT alone! At most every meeting there will be a Certified Mental Health Counselor present to facilitate a topic and provide a real understanding of human development, how trauma effects that development, and where you as the parent go from here to meet your child’s unique needs.  While also understanding the types of things that are happening within parents as they navigate this journey.  This will be an interactive group because sometimes the most help and healing comes from those walking the same road as you or who are a little further along in the journey and hearing, “me too”, you are NOT alone!  

1st Monday of the month
7:00-8:30 p.m.
For more information contact Angela Gonzalez

August 6th:

Helping Your Family Live Out Your Family Mission
KICK OFF Dinner Event!
During this kick off event we will hear a message of hope and redemption from the perspective of an adoptive parent and our pastor Renaut Van Der Riet. We will share with you the format for our Adoptive and Foster Connect Group this year and what you can expect.  Dinner will be provided!

September 11th: (Second Monday of the Month)

Physiological Strategies
A child raised in a harsh and dysfunctional environment learns to become a survivalist over time. There are physiological strategies we as parents need to be aware of to help our children keep regulated. This session will touch on nutrition, structure, and much more while allowing the group to share and interact.
RSVP is required for Childcare purposes!

October 2nd:

Soul/Self Care for Parents
During this evening we will engage and learn that the best way to keep are children regulated is to keep ourselves regulated.  Have you ever been on an airplane and the flight attendant explains to you that in case of an emergency be sure to place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your child or others?  Well, this is exactly what we will be teaching.  Caring for your soul and your self is very necessary for your spiritual, mental and physical health.

November 6th:

Three Pillars of Trauma informed Care
TBRI was designed to meet the most pressing needs of children and adolescents who “come from hard places”–their needs correspond to the Three Pillars of Trauma informed Care.  Connection is required for both felt safety and self-regulation.  It often seems like connection will come naturally or easily because our children are in “a good home” yet that is often not necessarily the case.  So what do our children really need?

No Session for December 2017

January 8th: (Second Monday of the Month)

RESOURCES: Come ready to share your resources and learn about resources from others 
This will be an interactive session for adoptive, foster, and safe families!  You will want to to bring your resources to share with others names therapists or doctors, advice about IEPs, schools that meet are the best fit for various needs, etc .  The LMV team will be on had to share various resources across counties as well yet, we know that the best resources are other parents who’ve walked the same journey!

February 5th

Play Therapy & Engagement Strategies
Playing with your child builds a bridge to his or her heart.   Play and one on one time is a natural and healing way for children to express and process their experiences while building a relationship with you.

March 5th

Grief & Loss 

When we step into broken places we naturally step into places of loss and grief.  Yet the places do not feel natural at all and were not God’s original design.  The loss and grief we might face can look different in each situation from leaving one’s country, culture, and language to moving from school to school and always remaining in a state of limbo with no permanency.  While all that is going on we are experience grief and loss ourselves such as letting go of what our family once looked like and stepping into the new, mourning all that our child has faced and is facing, and so much more.  Not to mention if we find ourselves as foster and adoptive families and these children that we have loved like our own eventually leave us.  What does grieving well look like and how do we ensure we do not loose sight of our hope?


April 13 & 14th

Empowered to Connect Simulcast 
Featuring Trust-Based Relational Intervention® methods developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross from the TCU Institute of Child Development to help bring attachment and connection in families.

Location TBD

May 7th:

Open Topic TBD by Attendees