Mining for gold has been around ever since humans discovered that first glittering speck of rock. But, there’s something that is even better than gold. It’s the Bible! The Bible is better than gold! It teaches us that God loves us all the time. It teaches us that God loves us so much He gave us Jesus to be our friend forever. It teaches us how to live our best life. And, it teaches us how to share our stuff.

The teachings in the Bible are worth more to us than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. At the end of the day, learning how God, our Creator, wants us to live is worth way more than anything money can buy.

WEEK 1 Week one, we will introduce our preschoolers to the Bible how valuable it is.

Story Focus: The Bible teaches me God loves me all the time. The Bible is God’s words, and it tells us all about how very much God loves us.

WEEK 2 We will continue the discussion of how much God loves us in week two and teach our preschool friends that God loves us so much that He gave us His Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever. That’s a very big love.

Story Focus: The Bible teaches me God loves me so much He gave me Jesus to be my friend forever. Jesus came as a baby and grew up to do amazing things—things only He could do. Then, He died so that we could be friends with Him forever.

WEEK 3 During week three, preschoolers will hear the parable Jesus told of the man building his house on the rock. It is just one story Jesus told that teaches us the best way to live our lives.

Story Focus: The Bible teaches us how to live. When we build our lives on the word of God, we are living the way God wants us to.

WEEK 4 Week four we will tell another story that Jesus told. This one centers on a specifically on sharing our stuff—a very hard concept for preschoolers.

Story Focus: The Bible teaches me I can share my stuff. Whether we have a little or a lot we can share with those around us.

Grab a Bible, and get ready. We’re going on a treasure hunt! We want to begin to uncover some nuggets of truth and set our preschoolers on a lifelong search for treasure—the kind of treasure that is better than gold.