Read: Genesis 3:14-15

The birth of Jesus Christ was the culmination of the plans that God had in place from the very beginning of time. In the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve blew it and intentionally broke God’s only law, God prophetically declared that the seed of the woman would bruise the heel of the serpent. He could confidently predict that Jesus would be born of a virgin and defeat Satan because He had not only planned for this to happen, but controlled all of the events ensuring that this prophecy was fulfilled.

Think about this for a moment. Consider God’s sovereign work and power. Now, reflect upon his love for mankind. God is sovereign and can control every event in history including the birth and death of Christ.

God could choose to use his sovereign power to do anything, but he used His sovereignty to freely give His love to us through Jesus Christ. Because of this, God could promise a Savior to our spiritual fore-fathers/mothers throughout Old Testament times. What hope that must have been for them! Though the birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled many purposes of God, there is little doubt that the primary purpose of His birth was to provide a Savior to mankind. God willed to have a people that would be His people so that He could be their God. After Adam sinned, the only way to accomplish this was through a Savior. Only Jesus, who was God in the flesh, could be that Savior. The greatest story in the entire world is that God gave His own Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Savior by being the sacrifice for our sins. We celebrate this Christmas because of the promises He kept. This Christmas we celebrate the God of Promise.

Today – Thank God for the promises He has fulfilled.  Ask God to remind you that He can be trusted with anything and everything.  Thank God for the plans He has for your life and the certainty you have that He will bring them about.