Read: Hebrews 7:23-28

At Christmas, we often hear of Jesus being “veiled in flesh” when He came to Earth. [Remember the verse from “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”?] What exactly is the purpose of a veil? The word “veiled” means to be partly concealed or hidden. But what did Jesus have that needed to be partly concealed from man?  It all goes back to the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned. This is where we first see that a sacrifice is required to cover sins. The animal sacrifices that were offered in the Old Testament were intended to foreshadow the sacrifice that was to come. A sacrifice was needed that would be sufficient to cover the sins of all humanity. Not just any sacrifice would do. The sacrifice that would suffice needed to be perfect and undeserving of the death that sin brought upon every living creature. Only the Divine Savior Jesus Christ could be this sacrifice. We read in John 1:18 that, “no one has ever seen God.” However, in order for Christ, who is God, to be able to fulfill his role as the Savior, He needed to come to Earth and be seen by men. Perhaps a better way to understand this verse is “no man has fully seen God at anytime.” We know that Moses saw the hind parts of God on Mount Sinai, yet he did not fully see God. In Exodus 33:20, God tells us why we are unable to view Him in all of His glory on this side of eternity: we can’t handle it.  Let’s go back to the question we asked earlier. What is the purpose of a veil? The reason for Christ’s veil of flesh was to partly conceal His glory, so He would be able to dwell among sinful men. If He were not veiled, we would die in His presence. God’s veil of flesh is God’s grace to man.  Also, His flesh, combined with His sinless nature, became the perfect sacrifice that was needed and is sufficient for all. What better mediator could there be between God and man than one who is both fully God and fully man? What a wonderful God we serve. May we celebrate God’s grace to us as He veiled Himself for our sake!

Today – Thank God for veiling Himself so that we could have relationship with Him.  Thank God for the grace He shows us by revealing Himself to us in ways that don’t kill us.  Thank God for becoming like us.