Read: Luke 2:16-20 and Matthew 28:16-20

It’s finally here! This day will be filled with sounds of laughter.  Presents will be opened, food will be enjoyed, friends and family will be loved. We will celebrate and enjoy the moments that pass. Pictures will be taken and posted on Facebook, while other photos will be stored as a memory of this day.

As this day comes to a close and we start the journey back into everyday life the hope would be that we would all remember that Christmas is the day that brought us face to face with God’s gift! Wouldn’t it be great if we all used this day to truly remember the life and freedom we have been given?

Wouldn’t it be great if the sense of gratitude lingered for several months? And wouldn’t it be great if we all responded like the shepherds and the kings and the angels and the thousands of others that encountered the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Imagine reflecting upon the Christmas story, on Christmas day itself, in such a way that it ushered you into deeper gratitude for the King. Imagine being so excited about Christmas and its meaning that you can’t help but share your love for Jesus with others.

How would such profound thoughts impact your life? Would you laugh more? Or love more?

The early participants of the Christmas story reacted to Jesus in a specific manner. They adored him. Later in his life, people would praise him and follow him through their words and their deeds. May we do no less!

May we encounter Jesus, and may that cause us to follow Him, both with words and deeds. May we give God the very best we have to offer.

May we give God the gift of us. May we live for Him. Jesus once said we should love each other as He loved us.  Let’s demonstrate our love for God by following His call and obeying His commands.

Today – Ask God to help you carry His love all the way through this next year. Ask God to teach you how to love Him and love others each day this year. Ask God to lead you into a year of obedience and action. Ask God to empower you and give you courage so that you will be a great ambassador for Him.