Read: John 13:12-17

Though many of us love the idea of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas day, most have never really grasped the significance of it all. Sometimes children ask why we give gifts, and sometimes we give a generic answer, “in remembrance of God’s gift of salvation to us.” This may be true for many, but it does not seem like enough. We certainly don’t often think of Christ’s gift as we are tearing into the wrapping paper. As we ponder this tradition, we have the opportunity think about the call of our Savior before He demonstrated His love for us by dying for us. He said we are to love one another as He has loved us. He said the highest call in life is to love God with all our being and then to love our neighbor as we do ourselves!

God showed His love by giving us the opportunity to receive eternal life. Now we have the opportunity to give gifts to others to demonstrate our love for them. This Christmas, pour yourself into the giving process. Think about the significance of the gifts you are giving. Help your children choose gifts for others and teach them to give out of love, not out of obligation. As we look over the list of people we are suppose to get gifts for, may we see each person as a new opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to as we give of our time and resources!

Today – Ask God to renew your love for those around you.  Ask God to give you fresh vision in the ways you demonstrate that love.  Ask God to help you make you gift giving an act of love not obligation.