Jesus called people to follow him.

It seems straightforward enough, but over the course of church history his simple summons has been distorted and covered over by 2,000 years of baggage.

At Mosaic at WDW our passion is to embrace anyone and everyone, invite them into Jesus’ family, train them up as devoted Jesus followers, and send them out to spread Jesus’ love throughout the world.

Whether you are new to church or have been a Christian your entire life, we believe the best first step for you is to come and be a part of our Follow Class. In this twelve week seminar we will dive deeply into many of our cultural misunderstandings and help reshape our view of who Jesus is, what Jesus said, and what Jesus commissioned all of his followers into.

If you’ve already missed the first class or you can’t make it every week, that’s ok we understand. Come next Sunday anyway, and we’ll help you get caught up. Check out the WDW calendar for the exact dates

Sunday Nights | 7:00 – 7:45pm 
Holiday Inn at Disney Springs 
September thru November and February thru April

If you have questions, please email Emily, our administrative coordinator.